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Welcome to the Design Mind Course

This online learning experience helps you uncover your unique creativity and provide you with a clear blueprint to understand your personal evolution, contribution, and fulfillment. 

Your Transformation Starts Here

We offer more than just course content—we offer transformation.

 Here we help you define your creativity and use it for impact.        

                                     The Design Mind process is your dream, redefined.

Why Design Mind?

This course experience is for you if you are looking for: 


> Greater connection to yourself and what drives your highest creative expression

> Clarity around who you are and what you have to contribute

> New perspective to overcome self-limiting beliefs

> More energy and support to ignite and pursue your creative ideas 

> Make your actions create more meaningful impact


Our personalized framework is not a one-size-fits-all solution; it’s a dynamic, evolving process tailored to the individuality of every human, organization, and community we work with. 
We're a community of change makers, culture shakers, and forces for good.


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About the Design Mind Project

Behind the Design Mind Project is a group of heart-felt pioneers with a shared vision to stoke the flames of their creative curiosities and help others do the same. Our stories of transformation and community projects underscore our commitment to this purpose. 

Discover the joy of living a life fully designed by you, and we'll help you connect the dots to our network to move your dreams forward.

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Module Overview:

Re-Define Your Roots

Explore what connects you to your past and present, setting the foundation for future growth.

This module invites you on an introspective journey to understand the deep-seated influences that shape your creative identity.

Ignite Your Story

Take ownership of your narrative and the impact it has on yourself and those around you.

Learn to craft and express your unique story in a way that resonates and inspires, transforming your personal and professional life.

Cultivate Your Vision

Re-establish a life vision interdependent with a meaningful and purposeful existence.

Focus on envisioning your future by setting clear, achievable goals that align with your deepest passions and values.

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