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Imagine a life where your deepest aspirations are not just possibilities but concrete achievements. At the heart of our program is a philosophy that values holistic development and transformative learning. 

Discover Your Creative Essence

Unlock your inherent creativity and turn it into a powerful tool for innovation. 

Expand Your Emotional Intelligence

Enhance your understanding of yourself and others to build meaningful relationships and navigate complex social landscapes. 

Develop Leadership Skills

Lead with confidence and compassion in various spheres of life. 

Our course offers:

    • Personalized Learning Journeys: Take a deep dive through our self-discovery exercises to understand your psychology, your strengths, and what drives your ambition.

    • Strategic Goal Setting:¬†Learn how to set realistic, achievable goals that align with your values and long-term vision.

    • ¬†Community Support: Engage with a community of like-minded peers who encourage and inspire you to go beyond your limits.

About The Design Mind Project

The Design Mind Project is a transformative platform dedicated to helping participants define their origin stories, embrace their worth, and unlock their creative potential.

Our program equips you to:

  • Discover Your Roots: Explore the experiences and values that have shaped you.
  • Build Confidence: Cultivate a deep sense of self-worth and belief in your capabilities.
  • Enhance Creativity: Apply innovative problem-solving skills and design thinking to overcome challenges.¬†

Embrace the journey with the Design Mind Project and start turning your dreams into your reality today.

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Are You Ready to Enter a Transformative Journey?

  At The Design Mind Project, each course is meticulously crafted to meet you at the exact point of your personal and professional development. 

Individual Experience

Self-Guided Online Experience


per individual

Ideal for the independent learner

  • A¬†self-directed journey with our comprehensive digital resources.¬†¬†

This option allows you to engage with our curriculum at your own pace, utilizing videos, articles, and interactive worksheets. 

Group Rate: Discounted to $147 for groups of 3-5. 

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Course + Mentorship

Two Private Integration Sessions


per individual

Experience the synergy of collaborative learning with our course plus coaching calls 

  • A¬†self-directed journey with our comprehensive digital resources.¬†
  • Two 60-minute coaching calls for accountability and implementation of exercises.
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Team Workshop

Course + Team Workshop


team workshop

Ideal for teams of 3-5 people

  • Designed to cultivate individual self-awareness and with that enhance team communication, agility and collaboration.
  • Enter a safe environment to openly discuss real issues, challenges, and opportunities for company alignment.

This opportunity is for anyone looking for a half-day team building experience. 

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Think of this course as your gateway to impact, not just more learning. Together, we'll explore how reflection intertwines with application to create a truly unique journey.

Why Choose Us?

Our Comprehensive Approach Goes Beyond Traditional Learning

This is a holistic journey blending the best of psychology, business coaching, and industry expertise from a creative director.


Supportive Community and Resources for Lasting Impact

We provide access to a diverse community of like-minded individuals, coaches, and businesses. 

Practical Application for Real-World Success 

Our course emphasizes practical application through assignments, and real-life examples.

Here you'll develop tangible skills and strategies for personal and collective growth.

Addressing the Whole Human Experience

While we are not a mental health organization, we recognize the importance of addressing the human experience. We provide a safe and empowering environment.

Empowerment and Meaningful Contribution

Our ultimate goal is to empower you to embrace your uniqueness, harness your potential, and make a positive impact on yourself and your community contributing to a more fulfilling and harmonious society.  

What You Gain

  • Holistic Development¬†

    From theory to practice: transform your theoretical knowledge into actions for your daily life.
  • Community Engagement

    Join a community of like-minded individuals on a similar path of discovery and growth, enhancing your learning journey. 

  • Empowerment

     Prepare yourself with the necessary tools to transform your dreams into reality.

Success Stories and Testimonials

Rosalie Silberg

"The course allowed me to meet on zoom weekly with other creatives like myself to dive into topics covered in each module. The live zoom sessions covered topics such as: redefining your roots and igniting your story, cultivating your vision and building a foundation and lastly, flowing into expression and owning your impact. From the course, I learned what creativity means to me and how I use it in my day to day life."

McKenzie Harrison-Frizzell

"Design Mind provided me with the tools to connect with self-trust. I now believe that what I create is good."


Kristen Salahshoor

"I thoroughly enjoyed this experience. It allowed me to reflect and think deeply about my story and the roles I play in my life and how to grow."         


Deeply Connected to Work and Life

Our goal is to help you feel deeply connected to both your work and personal life, empowering you to live authentically and pursue your passions.

Our structured program will aid you on addressing the interconnected elements of defining your origin story, owning your worth, and unlocking your creative potential. Experience profound personal growth and transformation, enabling you to make a meaningful difference in the world in just 3-4 months by following our structured program. 

Through practical application, a supportive community, and a focus on the whole human experience, you'll develop tangible skills and strategies to immediately apply in your daily life and community.

Today is your chance to redefine your potential and start making your dreams a reality.

Module Overview: 

  • Redefine Your Roots
    Dive deep into your personal history to understand the unique experiences that shape who you are today.
  • Ignite Your Story
    Create a powerful narrative from your life experiences, and learn to communicate it in ways that resonate with others.
  • Cultivate Your Vision
    Discover what truly matters to you and set meaningful goals that reflect your values and aspirations.
  • Build Your Foundation
    Establish the practical skills and mindset necessary to achieve your dreams.
  • Flow Into Expression
    Embrace your inner creativity and learn to express it in every aspect of your life.
  • Catalyze Your Contribution
    Use your strengths to make a positive impact on those around you.
  • Own Your Impact
    Realize the broader effect you can have in your community and beyond.
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